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I’ve designed a new t-shirt! This is supporting my Radio Clash blog which has never been advertiser supported so needs the cash to keep going.

So if you’re a fan or just like the shirt, go any buy several over at Crumplclobber.
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I'm starting the live broadcasts again, this time with video (so yes, MutantPop TV is finally go, of a sorts) - I know it's short notice but if you're around join us (or me, on my own, playing to no-one, LOL) on Ustream or Listen2MyRadio from 8pm GMT Tonight - yes that's 30 mins from now - connection deets here. Its going to be at least 2 hours looking at the playlist (might split this into two shows, not sure) so will be on for 1-2 hours. Planning to make it every Wednesday at 8pm.

This is kind of a run-through, hence the short notice, next week will either be part two of this, or an attempt to live VJing - shame all the time goes on the technical shit (seriously, if you make video streaming with your own audio feed you'll have 100s of DJs thanking you and will make a bundle - ditto good software for linking IP Cameras to, well, anything that doesn't cost 500-1000 dollars...seriously, you add the tag 'video' to something and magically it adds another 0).

EDIT - yes Part 2 will be next week. If you didn't tune in you missed The Search For Tea, some very strange and triply remixed webcam effects and silliness, some great music (Queer Pop 60s-80's), and Tim's 99p Tips - most of which won't be on the podcast. So neh. If you missed it, it's gone. Forever. As it should be in this world where everyone indexes and PVRs everything and everything is interconnected and recorded...I like doing things that get lost to the ether - you miss out if you don't join in.

The Queer History of Pop (90s-00s edition) will be back in Part 2 - the 90s & 00s next week, same time (8pm), same channel, same batcave, same bowler hat...which is impossible to podcast in, as I found....

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